The Aspire Programme supports the first tier of players who meet the Age & Stage requirements detailed in the Player Development Framework, they will receive enhanced coaching and player development in Regional Talent Hub with the girls’ and boys’ groups working alongside each other.

Basketball England have introduced better services to support players at this stage of their development, including competition, education, staff and parental resources and training. The club coach role and input will also be enhanced, with feedback and support on coaching practice, training etc., so there is an extension to the development impact. Club coaches are a crucial part of the process of identifying talent and potential, as well as current performance. Clubs are encouraged to nominate suitable players whose performances improve significantly at any time during the season, so that the most talented attend the Aspire programme

The Aspire provides a skill-based programme which is aimed entirely at individual player improvement. Sessions take place on eight Sundays from October to May.  No National or Regional League games are permitted on these dates. Each of the eight days focuses on one specific area of basketball skill. The typical day includes a 3 hour session on court, with education sessions aimed at increasing players’ awareness of all factors which influence performance, and input on Strength & Conditioning.

Each of the groups has a Head Coach appointed by Basketball England and a team of other coaches to ensure attention to individuals and small groups.

Players are invited to the Aspire through a nomination to the talent manager by their club coach. These nominations can happen at any time during the season, which will usually require attendance at one session initially for assessment. Players within the programme will be invited back to trial each year if their progress and performance indicates that they have taken full advantage of the opportunities offered.