Southwest Junior League Fixtures 2018/19

Sep 29 Sa 14BS Penryn Millfield Huish
Sep 29 Sa 14BS Dorset Plymouth Torbay
Oct 13 Sa 14BS Millfield Penryn Dorset
Oct 14 Su 14BS Huish Plymouth Torbay
Oct 20 Sa 14BS Millfield Torbay x
Nov 3 Sa 14BS Torbay Huish X
Nov 10 Sa 14BS Plymouth Penryn X
Nov 11 Su 14BS Huish Dorset x
Nov 17 Sa 14BS Torbay Dorset Penryn
Nov 18 Su 14BS Huish Millfield Plymouth
Dec 1 Sa 14BS Penryn Huish Torbay
Dec 1 Sa 14BS Plymouth Dorset Millfield
Dec 15 Sa 14BS Penryn Plymouth X
Dec 15 Sa 14BS Dorset Huish x
Sep 29 Sa 14BN Flyers Cougars Jets
Oct 6 Sa 14BN Cardiff Saxons Vale
Oct 13 Sa 14BN Cougars Cardiff x
Oct 13 Sa 14BN Jets Saxons X
Oct 13 Sa 14BN Vale Flyers X
Nov 3 Sa 14BN Saxons Cardiff Flyers
Nov 4 Su 14BN Vale Cougars Jets
Nov 10 Sa 14BN Saxons Jets X
Nov 17 Sa 14BN Jets Flyers Cardiff
Nov 17 Sa 14BN Vale Saxons Cougars
Dec 1 Sa 14BN Flyers Vale X
Dec 2 Su 14BN Cardiff Cougars x
Dec 15 Sa 14BN Cougars Flyers Saxons
Dec 16 Su 14BN Cardiff Jets Vale
Oct 6 Sa 12M Penryn Torbay
Nov 4 Su 12M Huish Torbay Plymouth
Nov 24 Sa 12M Penryn Huish
Dec 15 Sa 12M Torbay Penryn Plymouth
Jan 5 Sa 12M Plymouth Torbay
Jan 19 Sa 12M Penryn Huish Torbay
Feb 10 Su 12M Huish Plymouth Penryn
Feb 23 Sa 12M Plymouth Huish
Mar 16 Sa 12M Torbay Huish
Mar 30 Sa 12M Plymouth Penryn
Sep 30 Su 18G Huish Exeter Cougars
Oct 28 Su 18G Exeter Huish Jets ROAR
Dec 15 Sa 18G Jets ROAR Cougars Exeter
Jan 13 Su 18G Exeter Cougars Huish
Feb 2 Sa 18G Jets ROAR Huish Exeter
Feb 17 Su 18G Huish Jets ROAR Cougars
Mar 17 Su 18G Cougars Exeter Jets ROAR
Mar 31 Su 18G Cougars Jets ROAR Huish
Oct 13 Sa 14G Torbay Plymouth Penryn
Nov 3 Sa 14G Plymouth Torbay Flyers
Nov 17 Sa 14G Penryn Flyers Torbay
Dec 9 Su 14G Flyers Penryn Plymouth
Jan 12 Sa 14G Plymouth Penryn Torbay
Feb 3 Su 14G Flyers Torbay Plymouth
Mar 2 Sa 14G Torbay Flyers Penryn
Mar 16 Sa 14G Penryn Plymouth Flyers
Oct 6 Sa 16B Torbay 1 Huish Plymouth
Oct 7 Su 16B Wiltshire Torbay 2 Dorset
Oct 20 Sa 16B Torbay 2 Jets Huish
Oct 20 Sa 16B Plymouth Penryn Stroud
Oct 20 Sa 16B Dorset Torbay 1
Nov 10 Sa 16B Penryn Dorset Huish
Nov 10 Sa 16B Stroud Torbay 1 Torbay 2
Nov 11 Su 16B Wiltshire Plymouth Jets
Dec 1 Sa 16B Huish Plymouth Penryn Stroud AvC, BvC, AvD, BvD
Dec 1 Sa 16B Torbay 2 Dorset Wiltshire
Dec 8 Sa 16B Plymouth Torbay 2 Penryn AvB  BvC
Dec 8 Sa 16B Stroud Dorset Jets
Dec 16 Su 16B Huish Torbay 1 Wiltshire
Jan 5 Sa 16B Jets Dorset Plymouth
Jan 13 Su 16B Wiltshire Stroud Torbay 1 Penryn AvC, BvD, AvD, BvC
Jan 19 Sa 16B Jets Dorset Penryn Huish AvC, BvC, AvD, BvD
Jan 19 Sa 16B Torbay 2 Torbay 1 Stroud AvB, AvC
Jan 19 Sa 16B Plymouth Wiltshire Penryn AvB BvC
Feb 2 Sa 16B Stroud Wiltshire Huish
Feb 2 Sa 16B Torbay 1 Jets Penryn
Feb 9 Sa 16B Torbay 2 Huish Plymouth
Feb 16 Sa 16B Penryn Torbay 1 Torbay 2 AvB AvC
Feb 16 Sa 16B Stroud Wiltshire Jets
Feb 23 Sa 16B Dorset Plymouth Torbay 1
Mar 9 Sa 16B Jets Torbay 2 Torbay 1 AvB AvC
Mar 9 Sa 16B Dorset Stroud
Mar 23 Sa 16B Penryn Torbay 2



Under 12 Mixed

  • Teams play each other 3 times, a total of 6 tournaments, 12 games.


Under 14 Boys

  • In Phase 1, there are two divisions (North, South) of 6 teams each.
  • Teams play each other twice, a total of 4 tournaments and 2 single games (usually against one of the team’s nearest neighbours), 10 games in all. The single games are necessary to limit the number of dates used for the age group and to retain a reasonably regular fixture list for all teams.
  • Where a single game is scheduled, the normal expectation is to play a full length game (unless both teams agree that a third team should be invited to play non-league games.)
  • In Phase 2, the top three teams in North and South will compete in Division 1, the other teams in Division 2, with a similar format to Phase 1
  • The weekends of Jan 12/13, Jan 26/27, Feb 9/10, Mar 2/3, Mar 9/10, Mar 30/31 have been allocated for Phase 2 fixtures in this age group, but these cannot be guaranteed if venues/teams have already been listed as unavailable on these dates.


Under 16/17 Boys

  • Teams play each other twice, 18 games.
  • There are some unusual fixtures which are different to the usual triangular format. These are necessary in order to conform, as much as possible, to a structure where all teams in the age group play on the same weekends.
  • Except where there are difficult restrictions on venue/team availability, the principle is for teams not to play on consecutive weekends.
  • Where single games are scheduled, the normal expectation is to play a full length game (unless both teams agree that a third team should be invited to play non-league games.
  • Where more than one game is scheduled, but a team is only due to play one game, a further non-league game can be arranged.


Under 16/18 Women

  • Teams play each other 4 times, a total of 6 tournaments, 12 games.


Under 14 Girls

  • Teams play each other 4 times, total of 6 tournaments, 12 games.


  • We believe all dates match the information submitted by teams, but please check now and inform us of any discrepancy
  • Please also check that your teams have the appropriate number of games with each other team in their division
  • It is possible for host teams to switch tournaments to the other day of the same weekend if really necessary, but this must be done now and all concerned informed immediately
  • Note that there are no fixtures on Aspire (formerly RPC) dates, although there may be some scheduled for the day before (Saturday). It is not permitted to reschedule games on Aspire dates.