DATE UNDER 14      
  HOSTS A B C Notes
Sep 28 Sa Plymouth Torbay Gloucester  
28 Sa Vale Taunton Saracens  
29 Su Dorset Millfield   Single game
Oct 5 Sa        
5 Sa        
6 Su        
12 Sa Saracens Millfield Gloucester  
12 Sa Torbay Taunton   Single game
13 Su Dorset Plymouth Vale  
19 Sa        
19 Sa        
20 Su        
Nov 3 Sa Taunton Millfield Plymouth  
3 Sa Torbay Saracens Dorset  
3 Sa        
4 Su Gloucester Vale   Single game
16 Sa        
17 Su Gloucester Taunton Dorset  
23 Sa Millfield Torbay Vale  
23 Sa Plymouth Saracens   Single game
23 Sa        
Dec 7 Sa        
8 Su        
8 Su        
14 Sa Torbay Dorset Vale  
Jan 11 Sa Gloucester Torbay Plymouth  
12 Su        
25 Sa Vale Gloucester Taunton  
25 Sa        
26 Su        
26 Su        
Feb 8 Sa        
8 Sa        
8 Sa        
9 Su Taunton Torbay Saracens  
22 Sa Saracens Plymouth Vale  
29 Sa        
29 Sa        
Mar 1 Su        
8 Su Dorset Gloucester Saracens  
14 Sa        
21 Sa Plymouth Taunton Dorset  
22 Su        
22 Su      

U14 Format:
There are 8 teams in the first phase: each team plays each other once (3 triangular tournaments and one single game.)
The single games should be played 4 x 10 min
In the second phase, there are 7 teams: each team plays each other once (3 triangular tournaments)

DATE UNDER 16      
  HOSTS A B C Notes
Sep 28 Sa        
28 Sa        
29 Su        
Oct 5 Sa Saracens Plymouth Torbay  
5 Sa Stroud Bristol Gloucester  
6 Su Dorset Taunton Exeter  
12 Sa        
12 Sa        
13 Su        
19 Sa Plymouth Bristol Dorset  
19 Sa Torbay Exeter Gloucester  
20 Su Taunton Saracens Stroud  
Nov 3 Sa        
3 Sa        
3 Sa Stroud Exeter Gloucester SvG non-league
4 Su        
16 Sa Torbay Saracens Dorset  
17 Su        
23 Sa        
23 Sa        
23 Sa Stroud Taunton Plymouth  
Dec 7 Sa Saracens Gloucester Dorset  
8 Su Bristol Stroud Torbay  
8 Su Taunton Exeter Plymouth  
14 Sa        
Jan 11 Sa        
12 Su Gloucester Taunton Bristol GvB non-league
25 Sa        
25 Sa Exeter Stroud Saracens  
26 Su Bristol Gloucester Plymouth  
26 Su Torbay Taunton Dorset  
Feb 8 Sa Saracens Taunton Bristol  
8 Sa Plymouth Torbay Exeter  
8 Sa Dorset Stroud Gloucester  
9 Su        
22 Sa        
29 Sa Plymouth Dorset Stroud  
29 Sa Exeter Saracens Bristol  
Mar 1 Su Gloucester Taunton Torbay  
8 Su        
14 Sa Dorset Exeter Bristol  
15 Su Gloucester Plymouth Saracens  
15 Su Bristol Torbay Stroud BvS non-league
21 Sa      

U16 Format:
There are 9 teams: each team plays each other twice (for most teams, 8 triangular tournaments)
In order to make the fixtures fit, there is an exception for Bristol, Gloucester and Stroud, who will play 9 tournaments, with two games noted in the fixture list not counting for league points.

General notes:
It could be possible to change the date of a tournament from Saturday to Sunday of the same weekend if necessary, by agreement of all three teams. However, please note that this may not be possible in many cases due to court/staff/team availability or clashes with other games.
Please do not request other date changes, as this will disrupt the balance of the fixture list. Whilst the current schedule is not perfect, no team is required to play on consecutive weekends.
Remember that the triangular format (preferred by most teams, does rely on all teams to fulfill fixtures as scheduled. Withdrawal from a tournament will cause a great deal of inconvenience (teams travelling long distances for a single game) and also has potential financial consequences for the hosts. Should a team withdraw, they should expect a heavy fine to be levied: hopefully this will not occur.