Fixtures for South West Junior League taking entries for the 2021/22 season

Our regional league aims to act as an intermediate stage between local competitions between schools, Central Venue Leagues and Basketball England’s National Leagues.  To enter, please visit League Entry

For many players, it will be their first experience of formal games, properly timed with official referees, played under rules very similar to those for full-length National League and adult competition. Games are usually played in triangular tournaments, giving each team two games in one day, and therefore reducing travel distances per game across a large region, and the number of game days in the season. Where possible, the first part of the season is conducted on a sub-regional basis, with later divisions decided on results.

The league had its origins in the early 1990s and led to a number of clubs moving on to the National League: hence the formation of what are today the South West Conferences of the Junior NBL.

The regional league continues to cater for clubs in the early stages of their development, those who do not want weekly competition, and NBL clubs with further development teams. It remains the major competition Boys Under 14 and under 16 levels. We are making particular efforts to develop the girls’ game with Under 14 and under 18 leagues again this year.  We also hope to develop local CVL’s for the under 12 age group with teams travelling to gain additional experience,

If you are a club looking for competition beyond your local area, please contact  for details.