Each of the 10 regions in England has a Regional Management Committee, which is responsible for the governance of the game in its area on behalf of the National Governing Body, Basketball England.

Following the recent changes and restructuring undertaken by Basketball England as part of the Basketball Development Model, the RMC is being reformed in the coming months.

Please see below a message on funding from Sam Lewis.
This is an important message as each club, area association and league has the opportunity to bid from the Regional Fund.  the deadline is 17th April with the link to the form here:  Local to Regional Funding Application

Basketball Development Funding

A large responsibility of the South West Region is the coordination of the Development Grant to help fund various development activities across the region such as courses for coaching and officials, specific projects around participation and the needs that Areas and League have when it comes to developing the sport at a local level. Below are a list of areas that can be potentially funded:

  • Development of Infrastructure – increasing the number and quality of coaches, referees and table officials through recruitment campaigns and programmes of continued professional development at all levels
  • Supporting regional initiatives that benefit local participation – the development of our infrastructure and campaigns on a regional basis, for example, activities that underpin the All Girls campaign.
  • Growing competition provision for more age groups and improving the gender balance in local league competitions, including staging alternative competition formats to encourage more people to take part, such as 3×3 or a ‘Back to Basketball’ sessions
  • Investing in volunteers who run local league provision to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to run their leagues more effectively, helping to safeguard against the collapse of local league provision
  • Supporting the costs of regional representative teams to present the game at a local and regional level in a positive and credible light when compared to other sports
  • Subsidising current activity – the cost of local league entry fees and league running costs to ensure that the per-head cost of playing basketball locally remains affordable and accessible to all (including finals) – if deemed appropriate and need is demonstrated
  • Affordability – addressing issues for individuals in accessing the talent pathway and national teams – if deemed appropriate and need is demonstrated

In order to apply for funding from the Development Grant, please use the attached form called ‘Local to Regional Funding Application’ and send it back to myself so I can collate all of the applications together. Local to Regional Funding Application

The deadline for these is the 17th April 2022. If you have any questions about this or have ideas for development you would like to discuss, please let me know – more than happy to discuss these. The turnaround for the funding of development activities is looking to be quicker than that of the timescale on the guidance if possible. Further information can be found on the below link:


If you have any questions about anything above, please don’t hesitate to contact me,

Kind regards,

Sam Lewis