The Regional Development Tournaments, held at the National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester, are the culmination of the Regional Development Programme.

The tournaments are held over two days, with the Under 13 and Under 15 age groups, normally playing 7 shortened games, to decide positions 1-10.  Our teams travel on Friday and return on Sunday.  Parent support is welcome, but players are under the supervision of Team Managers and Coaches throughout the weekend.

The tournaments serve as the major selection tool for the initial England National Team Camps.  However, it is clearly an enormous honour for all players to represent their region at this event, and to be recognised as one of the top 100 players of their age group in England.

South West results at the Regional Development Tournaments have shown a marked improvement in the last two years, reflecting the work done in clubs, as well as in the various regional programmes.  In 2017, our teams won 19 of their 35 games, and reached a final for the first time.

The Under 13 age group remains our focus area for development, with fewer competitive opportunities available for this age group in the South West, in comparison with other regions.

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